We can help build your mobile app business.  Here is an illustration of our work in the hyper-competitive gaming space.

PROBLEM: Build a business, achieving scale within the increasingly crowded Apple App store.


  • We produced 20 game titles, all under a single umbrella brand, a unique strategy in the app store. We created a system to cross-promote the entire line – If a game became a “hit”, it lifted the entire portfolio.
  • We created experiences to achieve high retention. We used a proven casual-gaming formula: build intuitive, instantly playable experiences that become progressively difficult.
  • We used a variety of approaches to deliver break-through experiences. For example, we used the accelerometer to allow users to guide the flight of a ball in the air, we achieved high resolution levels by using ‘fake’ 3D engines, and we added social layers to drive competition.
  • We launched globally in 10 languages, using a translation system that we created.


  • 8 #1 ranked games in the Apple App Stores.
  • Top iPad game in 101 countries.
  • Over 100 million downloads.

World Cup Table Tennis iPhone

World Cup Table Tennis iPad 

Arcade Bowling Game