Apps provide ways to achieve direct, on-going engagement with customers.  We can achieve ‘extreme’ levels of engagement.  You could use this engagement to change your core marketing model. Here is our work in the retail industry.

CLIENT OBJECTIVE: Engage strategically important, difficult-to-reach demographics.

OUR SOLUTION: We conceptualized, designed, developed, and launched a unique mobile app.

  • We interpreted the brand as a set of games delivering rich, interactive branded experiences, all layered with music that echoed the brand’s historical roots.
  • To strategically drive brand positioning, we exposed customers to the brands total benefit ladder – we created thousands of mini experiences that introduced users to the vast set of brand attributes and benefits.  This had never been done before.
  • We added mapping services so that we would drive traffic to stores.


  • Users gave the app a 5-star rating, citing their ‘love’ for the ‘addicting’ experience.  Users applauded the app for ‘no ads’ – even though the entire experience was a non-stop ad.
  • We achieved massive levels of engagement with key demographics.  Additionally, we converted this engagement to store traffic delivering high ROI.
  • The app was rated the #1 Restaurant App beating Starbucks, Panera Bread and all others based on a mobile sentiment analysis conducted by a 3rd party research firm.
  • Client feedback: ”You exceeded my high expectations.”