Many approaches to digital transformation use strategy tools developed in an earlier era. That era was characterized by slow growth. It is vanishing thanks to technology.

Technology has been improving exponentially for over 50 years. When things improve exponentially over a long time, they start improving explosively in the latter years, which is where we are today. If you use yesterday’s frameworks today, you could get in trouble. The retail industry did exactly that, and with few exceptions, is languishing.

In our white paper, we offer a way to compete. We suggest a customer-centric approach as technology now allows you to help customers in brand new ways. We describe several areas for you to explore. For example, you could solve the ‘forgotten’ problems of your customers – problems that were once so difficult to solve that over time we all forgot that they even existed. Technology now allows you to solve these problems.

We outline an execution path that has ‘agile’ at its core. The approach has been perfected in Silicon Valley – the home to innovation – and software development. Many companies are not using agile in their transformation activities.

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