We help drive revenue and profitability in mobile apps.  Here is an illustration of our work in gaming.

PROBLEM: Gaming company needed to increase profitability of its games.

OUR SOLUTION: New game using a ‘freemium’ business model.

  • We identified a strategic genre or category for a new game.
  • We conceptualized the game: We crafted the story line and created a character – a memorable caveman called Ugh!
  • To execute the freemium model, we developed an in-game economy, producing a copious quantity of different types of virtual goods. These propelled the user experience and their sales drove profitability.
  • We used advanced UX and gaming technologies e.g., particle physics, different types of touch screen inputs, and high frame rates, to deliver a stellar, fun and engaging experience.


  • Customer rated 5 star game.
  • Highest engagement in its genre (per Yahoo/Flurry analytics).
  • Increase in revenue of 10 times per user versus the most profitable games in the company’s portfolio.